Company Benefits You May Encounter When Employed in Slovakia

While searching for  work in Slovakia, you will probably  also wonder about possible company benefits. For many people this is quite an important factor when considering a final job offer.


Some companies offer a so called „cafeteria“ plan which enables them to provide the best possible conditions and provide attractive work-life balance for the employees. This means you will be given a yearly financial limit and a list of service providers. You can choose any of the services  offered by the service providers until you reach the yearly limit.


Some companies have a list of benefits offered to all employees and it is up to you which ones you will choose.


Let´s look at some of the most frequent benefits you may encounter in Slovakian companies.


There are 2 main categories:

  • Financial benefits
  • Non-financial benefits


The most popular financial benefits are:

  • 13th salary
  • 14th salary 
  • Company mobile phone for private usage
  • Company car  for private usage
  • Contribution for extra health insurance or retirement insurance
  • Contribution for commuters (for transport and/or accommodation)
  • Discounts for company´s products/services
  • Reward for work anniversaries (usually starts from 5th year of service)


The most common non-financial benefits are:


  • Language courses
  • Sick days (extra days off if you don´t feel well but do not need to see a doctor)
  • Extra vacation days
  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office – working from home or remotely
  • Work-life balance activities  eg. fruit delivered to the office, yoga/pilates in the office building, massages.


Please note, that some benefits are subject to income tax.


This blogpost has been supervised by Gabriela Čičmancová, HR Manager VGD Slovakia