Do You Hold a Trade Licence in Slovakia? Forget About Submitting the Income Tax Return for 2018 in Paper Form!

Do you hold a trade licence in Slovakia?

Was your income in 2018 higher than 1.915€ ?

If your answer is 2x yes, then read this to avoid problems with Tax Authorities.

(Remember that you are obliged to submit the Income Tax Return even if you didn´t earn 1.915€ but your yearly result was a loss)


The deadline for submitting the Income Tax Return for 2018 is April 1, 2019.

Well, you say, why bother already now, there are some 2 more months to go.

Well, we recommend to start bothering as you will have to submit the Income Tax Return online this time.

In other words, Tax Authority will not accept the Income Tax Return in paper form any longer.


What does this mean?


You will have to register yourself on a Slovak Finance Portal, 

here is how:

  • Start on the top of the homepage – on the right hand side you  can see the black box called Registration (Registracia)

(english version

is unfortunately an unfinished product and not everything is translated)

  • Klick on the Registration button
  • Choose the  3rd link - Registration via Form (Registracia vyplnovanim registracneho formulara)
  • Fill In the Form

Boxes marked with * are mandatory.

Clicking on the ? at the end of each line  you  will see what is a desired format of the data.

  • After you have filled in everything, click on the blue button on the bottom of the page Register (Registrovat)

In case any ! appears, the format of the data input is incorrect, you have to use a correct format.


If all goes well, you will get an email from Tax Authority to the email address you filled into the Registration Form. There will be an activation link, which you need to confirm within 24 hours by clicking on it.  Doing this you will activate your account on a Finance Portal. Afterwards you will get a notification email with all identification data and information what needs to be done as a next step.

We assume many of you will need to finish the registration process by visiting the Tax Authority.

As the whole process will take some time, we highly recommend to start bothering... now !

Some of you might say, the deadline for submitting the Income Tax Return can be postponed until July 1, 2019, which is true, however you will have to inform the Tax Authority that you want to postpone your submission. The only way how to communicate with the Tax Authority is online... The registration process is simply inevitable...


If you need any assistance,  get in touch, we are happy to help.