Foreigners in Slovakia Are Obliged to Report the Place of their Residence while Staying at a Private Property

During your relocation to Slovakia, you might focus to get a residence permit, fix the health insurance or sign an employment contract in the first place.

You might not know that you have an obligation to report a place of your residence in Slovakia while staying at a private property (other than hotel/dormitory or similar).

This obligation has nothing to do with the process of obtaining the residence permit, it is simply another item on a Relocation To Do List (or another bother, if you like…)

Non-EU nationals need to fulfill this obligation within 3 days and EU-nationals within 10 days from entering Slovakia.

The form to be filled in can be downloaded here:

Yes, we do agree, there are many things you need to arrange while moving to Slovakia as a foreigner, anyway,  when you are fast enough with the documents,  ideally you would go to the Foreign Police Department only once – when applying for the residence permit and the "Notice of the Stay" can be submitted on  this occasion.


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