How and When You Should Report Your Address in Slovakia

2019, 25 Oct / Author: Xenia K.

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No. This blogpost is not about James Bond at all, but about your stay in Slovakia.

We just need to draw your full attention, as your queries concerning the reporting of your addresses in Slovakia are increasing, so hopefully you will forgive us for the little trick with the James Bond´s name.

There is still some confusion on what, how and when foreigners must report in relation to their Slovak address.

We have already written some articles on this topic, which you can find on our blog. In addition to those, we have prepared a short summary for you.


1. Report your address after arriving in Slovakia when staying at a private property.

Non EU citizens – within 3 days, after arrival in Slovakia

EU citizens – within 10 days, after arrival in Slovakia

There is no need to report your stay when you come as a tourist, or even when you come as a future resident, intending to stay in a hotel or dormitory for some time.

The link to the template to be used for this purpose:

Many EU citizens don´t report at all within the first 90 days after arrival in Slovakia, which is somewhat tolerated, but the Law says differently...

This process does not require your personal appearance at the Foreign  Police.


2. Report your address while applying for a residence permit – mostly used documents

a. Declaration on provision of the accommodation

This document is mostly used when you, as a non EU citizen, apply for a residence permit whilst you are still abroad.

This is a declaration issued by the landlord of the property that states you will be allowed to stay in that property for a certain period of time – a minimum 6 months period is required to be entered on the document.

copy of the Certificate of Ownership of the property must be attached to the Declaration.

Municipality Approval, a new entry into the Law 2019, confirming that the property complies with the hygiene and size standard must be attached as well.

This is a bit tricky for those of you who are still abroad, but a reliable landlord can manage this for you. You will just need to sign the Application for Municipality – as a scanned copy from foreigners still located abroad is acceptable.

The declaration on provision of the accommodation has to be signed by the landlord and the signature has to be verified by a Notary. The Notary needs to be informed whether the  document will be used abroad or in Slovakia.


b. Rental Agreement

This is used by EU, as well as non-EU citizens, mostly when applying for a residence permit in Slovakia when already living in Slovakia.

The Rental Agreement is mostly used when you have already found your apartment and want this address to be registered on your residence permit card.


3. Change of address during your stay in Slovakia

It can happen that your residence permit card shows a particular address, but you want to move. You find  a better place, closer to your office, closer to your new friends etc.

In this case you will very probably sign a new Rental Agreement, which is highly recommended.

As per Law you are obliged to report the change of the address to the Foreign Police as follows:

Non EU citizens – within 5 days from the date of issue of the proof of such change.

EU citizens – within 10 days from the date of issue of the proof of such change.


For this purpose you download the template Application for Renewal of the Temporary Residence:

This process requires your personal appearance at the Foreign Police.


Why do you need to have an address in Slovakia?

Well, when you plan to stay for a while, you will simply need to receive your post somewhere.

Even during this digital era, there still exist documents which need to be provided in original form.

The Foreign Police must know where in Slovakia you, as a foreign citizen, are located, because they or some other public institutions may need to reach you at some point.

Most of the banks will not be willing to open a bank account for you if you don´t have a temporary address in Slovakia.

Your employer will need to know your address as well.

It is simply worth getting all this right from the beginning...


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