Make Your Job Search in Slovakia Successful

Do you have a couple of years of experience but still  no job in Slovakia?

Or do you want a different kind of job  to the one you  have experience in back home?

Well let´s look  at the Slovak Market.

The biggest job portal, currently with almost 15.000 job vacancies, is Profesia (

Most of the international employers  are visible on the first page  as „TOP EMPLOYERS“ (by clicking on their logo you can see the actual vacancies).

Right now Profesia is preparing the biggest job fair called „Profesia Days“.  This event is happening from 6th – 7th March in Incheba Expo Arena, where you can  meet the potential employers in person.

But to find a job, you need to start with a good CV/Resume.

How do you write it? Here are some tips:

  • Your CV is your first contact with the company.
  • You should introduce yourself, your education, carreer, experience, specific skills and knowledge.
  • Personal data - be specific, and don´t write too much,  include your photo and don´t forget to list  current contact details, such as  e-mail address and phone numbers.
  • Education – start with the highest achieved education level, then additional  courses and certificates that are relevant to the job/position you are applying for.
  • Work experiences – start from the  most recent position, with the specific name of your position and a brief description of your main responsibilities. Do not write too much, as they will ask you more at the interview.           
  • Hobbies /interest – it is enough  just to name them, so it provides a bigger picture of your personality.
  • Other information – put in only information  that is relevant  to the job you apply for. Be specific, but don´t  overdo it. 

Please note, that job searching requires time. Do not give up. Apply only for positions you are really interested in. Get ready for the interview by preparing for it very carefully. Your motivation for the job  will be noticed at the first interview by the amount of preparation you have done.


Extra Tips

Ask a friend or trusted colleague to read through your application before submitting it.

They may notice some small errors in spelling or contact details that may make a difference.

If you are successful in being offered an interview it is a good idea to research the company or employer before the interview, and the type of products or services they provide. Take note of whether they have several branches of the business in other parts of the country, or internationally. It can help to show your motivation and ability to see the bigger picture.  


Article is supervised by Gabriela Čičmancová, HR Manager of VGD Slovakia