Opening a Bank Account as a Foreigner in Slovakia

Banking industry in Slovakia is well-developed with many international institutions operating in the country and a dense retail branch network.

Internet banking is part of the standard offering, and basic packages are reasonably priced.

Payment cards and credit cards are widely used. Cash withdrawal machines are located at frequented places in most towns and cities.

Many banks also provide service in foreign languages.

The process of opening a bank account starts with a simple question:

Which documents should I bring to the bank to be able to open a bank account as a foreigner?

Many banks ask foreigners to present a residence permit and a permanent address in Slovakia when they try to open a bank account.

Sadly, you might need to open a bank account before you have all this…

In that case, major retail banks do the following:

They ask you to present 2 personal identification documents (other than a driving license),
with a valid address of your permanent stay included on any of these 2 documents.

Most banks require an official translation into Slovak or English if the IDs presented are issued in other than Roman (Latin) characters or in case bank clerks are not familiar with that particular document type.

There is no need to schedule a slot at the bank to open a bank account, however there may be longer waiting times during rush hours and some banks may need additional time to check the documents.

It is recommended to provide multiple supporting documents (such as a valid Rental or Employment Contract), which makes the approval process shorter, especially for non-EU nationals.


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