Read This Before You Sign a Rental Contract in Slovakia

Found a new apartment and about to sign a rental contract?

Avoid problems further down the line by making sure that:

  1. You are renting directly from the real estate owner – ask for the landlord’s Certificate of Ownership. In case of subletting, check that the landlord has the right to sublet the property.
  2. You understand the rental contract – get a translation if needed.
  3. The property is clearly identified in the contract by its location and full address (as well as floor or unit number where applicable) – and check this information against the Certificate of Ownership.
  4. The full list of equipment which is subject to rental (such as freezer or a washing machine) is included either in the contract or in the handover protocol.
  5. The price for rent and utilities is clearly stated in the contract. While utilities may or may not be included in the monthly rental fee, there should be no confusion as to whether that is the case.
  6. There is a clear agreement on what would happen if your energy consumption falls below or raise above the total amount of paid advances for utilities.
  7. The contract details out what the deposit covers and how and when it will be returned to your bank account. It is also useful to know the circumstances under which the deposit can be partially or fully withheld (typically, if there are damages caused by poor maintenance).
  8. Payment due date and payment method are clearly stated. Bank account payments are preferable as you can easily prove the payments have been made.
  9. The contract includes a clause stating the maximum number of persons allowed to live in the apartment.
  10. Your contract allows pets if you have one. Check for your type of pet specifically, as some landlords may allow for example dogs but not birds.
  11. You are familiar with the facilities you can use and any additional cost of using them (such as garage, parking lot, cellar, etc.).
  12. The contract clearly outlines rental and termination period.
  13. You understand what you may and may not do in the apartment - e.g. smoking, subletting, renovation, Airbnb etc. Be aware that what is not prohibited, is allowed.
  14. You understand what kind of maintenance you will need to carry out at your own expense (e.g. changing bulbs, fixing plumbing issues).
  15. You properly sign and date the contract, and never sign anything backdated.

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