Ready To Convert To Online Cash Registers? The Deadline Is Approaching.

Do you run a business in Slovakia where it is mandatory to operate electronic cash registers?

Are you about to establish this kind of business in a near future?

If that is the case, then this article is for you, to ensure you are aware of what´s  happening.

Existing businesses:

Starting from 1 July 2019 you will need to start registering all cash sales online, subject to electronic cash registers. This means you will need to either:

  • Upgrade your current electronic cash registers to an online version, known as e-Kasa in Slovakia, or
  • Purchase brand new cash registers with integrated online functionality.

We recommend that you get in touch with the supplier of your existing cash registers, ask if an upgrade of them to an online version is feasible and how much it would cost. If their answer is yes, and you are given an offer, you can then compare this against prices of brand new cash registers, to see what makes the most sense.

To be able to install online cash registers, your  points of sale need to have a stable internet connection.

Well, you may say, each shop has that today. But, picture yourself in a chalet in the middle of nowhere providing shelter and food for the tourists trekking around the High Tatras mountains…

If you operate such a business and internet connection is an issue, you can ask the Financial Authority to approve an exception for you, which will allow you to submit cash sales figures once  every 30 days.

Even if your internet connection works well, it may fall out from time to time. In that case you can report your cash sales, within 48 hours, without being penalized.

For HW replacement queries, contact the supplier of your existing cash registers.

For queries regarding how to connect the upgraded, or new, cash registers with the Financial Authority, you should consult your Bookkeeper/Tax Advisor/IT support – whoever can work out the details for you.

Here are some milestones of this process that you will need to do:

  • Enter your account on a Finance Portal.
  • Fill in the Request for allocation of the online cash register code.
  • Download an initialization and authorization package (available in e-Kasa section), depending on a cash register type.
  • Request a certificate for the business, and a special code for every single cash register.

For new businesses:

If your are about to establish a business -  subject to electronic cash registering (to find out whether this is the case, either consult your Bookkeeper/Tax Advisor  or Annex 1 of the Act on Electronic Cash Register 289/2008), you will need to implement the online cash register from the very start of your operation.

For businesses using virtual cash  registers, there is no change and no need to do anything extra, as virtual cash registers work online already.

Conversion to full operation of the online cash register system requires time. It is a combination of HW adjustment/purchase and programming, and establishing a connection to the Financial Authority.

Plan for the transition process accordingly, so that you are ready to go live from July 1, 2019.