Useful Info about Proof of Accommodation

While relocating to Slovakia from the countries outside EU, you will be asked by a Foreign Police Department to submit a document called Proof of Accommodation.


Proof of Accommodation has to prove that the accommodation is secured for at least 6 months  from the day of granting the temporary residence permit. 


Proof of Accommodation can be presented as any of the below:

  • Rental contract
  • Sworn written statement issued by the owner of the apartment
  • Written confirmation from  the hotel, hostel, dormitory or similar

Any of the above documents need to be signed by an authorized person.


If the apartment (where the accommodation is provided) is owned by a legal entity, the authorized persons of a legal entity (based on Commercial Register extract) need to  sign the document. 

If there are more owners (authorized persons), at least 2 of them need to sign the document.

Signatures of the provider of the accommodation need to be verified by Notary.

One copy of the Certificate of Ownership of the property needs to be submitted along with the Proof of Accommodation.

Rental Terms and Conditions have to be agreed upon ahead of moving in (Rental Agreement). You might end up moving into a totally different apartment than the one mentioned in your Proof of Accommodation.

Don ´t forget to report the address of your stay if this gets changed during your residence in Slovakia. 


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