Utilities in Slovakia: What You Need to Know

Utilities in Slovakia may be confusing, especially if you used to live in countries with much warmer climate and didn’t have to deal with this before (lucky you!). Here’s what you need to know:

Electricity Is Everywhere, Gas Is Optional

You will need to take care of electricity and gas consumption. Some properties are not connected to gas pipes at all – one less thing to worry about! (if that’s the case, all the heating and appliances are using electricity.)

Tap Water Is Good To Drink

Tap water in Slovakia is drinking quality, unless your property owner tells you otherwise. While you may want to watch your water consumption for environmental reasons, the actual price for water supply is quite low.

Read Your Meters When Moving In

Make sure a proper gas and electricity meter reading is done on the day you move in.
It is recommended to do the reading together with the landlord. Record the values in the takeover protocol which you both sign.
Include the Relevant Utilities Information in the Rental Agreement
Make sure your rental contract outlines the following information:
Monthly utilities payments
When and how your actual energy and water consumption will be settled
(Typically, gas and electricity suppliers each send an annual statement summarizing advance payments and actual consumption, resulting in either an overpayment or an underpayment. The difference is typically settled between February and April for the previous calendar year. Keep this in mind especially when renting short term.)

Provide Meter Readings When Requested by the Utilities Providers

This information is crucial to accurately calculate your annual consumption – do not ignore these requests.
Read Your Meters Again When Moving Out
While moving out, do the gas, electricity, and water meter reading again and record the value in the handover protocol. Get the protocol signed by the landlord.
Know That You May Need to Directly Register with the Utilities Provider
Depending on your contract, the landlord may want you to register with the utilities provider directly. In such cases, the payments are made directly to the utilities provider and not to the landlord. This is completely fine – just make sure you supply all the necessary information to the provider and notify them when moving out.

If you need any additional assistance, we are happy to help. Get in touch.