What Awaits You in 2020 If You Are Employed in Slovakia

2020, 17 Jan / Author: Xenia K.

Proofread by: Sherry R. / www.iproofing.net


If you are an employee in Slovakia, in early 2020, there are the following obligations ahead of you:

1. Report the change of your Health Insurance Company.

If you managed to arrange the change of your Health Insurance Company by 30 September 2019 and you haven´t informed your employer about this yet, do so at the beginning of the year without any delay.

A change of the Health Insurance Company is always effective from 1 January and your employer needs to ensure that your health insurance is paid to the correct beneficiary.

2. Report any change in your personal data,

such as: change of home address, change of marital status, birth of children, in case you want to apply for a tax bonus.

Some of this information is for your employer to assess their impact on the payroll calculation and levies and to adjust them accordingly, but some of them are just to keep your personal data up to date.

3. Ask the employer to carry out the Annual Income Tax Settlement (fill in and sign off the form).

If you are not about to submit an Income Tax Return for the past year yourself, then by February 14, you should ask your employer to carry out the Annual Income Tax Settlement for you.

4. If you want to donate 2% of your income taxes to the non-profit organization, you need to ask your employer to issue the Evidence of Income Statement for you at the same time that you apply for the Annual Income Tax Settlement.

If you do not apply for an Annual Income Tax Settlement, your employer will automatically issue the Evidence of Income Statement for you by March 11.


For 2020, the Parliament approved the following changes:

  • Minimum Monthly Wage: 580€
  • Monthly Tax Deductible: 367,85€
  • Monthly Tax Bonus for Children over 6 years: 22,72€
  • Monthly Tax Bonus for Children under 6 years: 45,44€
  • Living Wage: 210,20€


For 2020, the Holiday Vouchers are still in force. More details about those can be found under the following link: 



From 1 January 2020, the entitlement to days of leave shall be increased to 25 days for staff members who:

  • Will reach the age of 33 years by the end of the calendar year concerned
  • Take care of the child on a permanent basis (further guidance is expected in relation to specific situations e.g. alternating care)


If you have any further questions, please contact your HR department.

We are available on our email address: info@movingtoslovakia.com


We Wish You a Prosperous and Healthy Year 2020 !