What You Need to Know About Municipality Approval



2019, 8 Nov

Author: Xenia K.

Proofread by: Sherry R. / www.iproofing.net


Municipality Approval, a new entry into the Law 2019, is creating some confusion and triggering questions.

The aim of this article is to help you to understand what is going on here and how to approach this process.

Proof of Accommodation must be attached to the application form, when a foreigner applies for a residence permit in Slovakia.  Therefore, the demand for this document has increased tremendously.

At the same time, the number of checks in the field conducted by the Foreign Police has also gone up.

It happens from time to time, that the Foreign Police discover addresses where too many foreigners are registered, considering the size of the property.

This was probably one of the main reasons why the Municipality Approval was launched as a part of the residence permit process.

Municipality Approval is a written official confirmation, that a particular property complies with the hygiene and size standards, for a specific number of people.

This is quite a new requirement and the process is not yet well established.

If you are in need of Municipality Approval, the best approach is to ask your Landlord to help you with the paperwork.  The first step is to identify which Municipality Office is responsible for your case, as it depends on where the property is located. Each Municipality has its own application form which needs to be filled in.  The data required is partly your personal data and partly information about the property. There is a section in the application form, which you will need to sign. If you are still abroad, you will need to send back scanned copies by email, either to your landlord or to a person who is helping you with the process. A copy of the certificate of ownership of the property is to be attached to the application form in most cases.

The Municipality issues the approval within 7 days from the application date. When the document is ready to be collected, Municipality generally makes a call to the phone number stated in the application. You, as an applicant, or your landlord, can arrange with the Municipality to send the Approval via regular mail, to the address given in the application form.

What kind of problems  can you encounter during this process?

1. The property is not big enough to accommodate the declared number of people.

2. The property doesn´t comply with the required hygiene standards.

3. Any other objections from the Municipality  (e.g. the property rental is not legal, or the landlord  is subject to  a Municipal administrative procedure etc.)

In the above cases, the Municipality would probably refuse to issue the Approval and  you will need to find another property.


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